AEMT - Association of Electrical and Mechanical Trades

Ex Labels and Reference Data

Reference Book Details

AEMT's Free publication to aid in the identification and interpretation of motor nameplate data and ATEX Label Markings. 

  1. ATEX Markings
  2. IECEx Markings
  3. Hazardous Area Equipment
  4. Electrical Ex Protection
  5. Mechanical Ex Protection
  6. Gas/Dust Groups, International Comparison
  7. Ex Standards
  8. European Notified Bodies
  9. North American Certifying Authorities
  10. General Electrical and Mechanical Motor Standards
  11. Labels & Nameplate Markings
  12. Motor Suppliers
  13. Miscellaneous Electrical Formulae

Beta Version (November 2014)

This version is not in print yet, but is an update from last years (2013) addition. Updates are still to be made to this document, but we're making it available for you to download already.