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Associate & Hazardous Area Membership

Associate Membership Benefits

An Associates Display
There is a free exhibition for Associates to display their products and services at the annual AGM.

Area Meetings
The meetings offer a forum for updating members on the latest products and services being offered to members.

Associates Networking
The membership incorporates over 300 members’ locations and the Associates are helped to gain access to the owners and managers of these companies.

The AEMT Journal has a wide international circulation of repair companies, manufacturers, and users of motors, generators, pumps, inverters etc. It is used to promote associate companies products and services through articles, profiles, and publication of press releases.

Members are encouraged to give priority to Associate Members.

Trade Register:
A Register is kept of all rewind and repair companies, motor manufacturers and importers, pump repair companies, and other potential suppliers and customers.

Hazardous Area Membership

This category is for companies who use Atex/UL equipment in explosive atmospheres and have an interest in Hazardous Areas standards.  With growing demands for competence of staff in Hazardous Area locations the AEMT provides training for companies using Atex, explosion proof, and other Hazardous Area Equipment both electrical and mechanical.  The AEMT is active in the IEC Ex 60034 range of standards.  It helps train individuals to obtain personal IEC Ex competencies, and Repair companies to be audited to become IEC Ex Certified Repairers.  The Association offers a helpline for members on areas such as repair, maintenance, inspection and installation as well as advice on the Energy Efficiency of Rotating equipment.  Hazardous Area Members include Oil and Chemical companies, Refineries, Petrol Distribution, Utilities, Gas and Sewerage Treatment Plants and Coal Mining.  Companies with hazardous dust areas in grain and sugar silos, and aluminium process dust.  This membership is also suitable for Consultants and other Associations with an interest in these areas.

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