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The AEMT is The Association of Electrical and Mechanical Trades founded in 1945. It is an International Association representing leading companies in the service and repair industry. They supply, install, service, maintain, and repair, electric motors, drives, pumps, fansgearboxesgenerators, transformers, switchgear, and ancillary equipment.  Most members also have well equipped mechanical engineering facilities for the repair and refurbishment of worn components and for metal fabrication. Some have panel building facilities and some carry out repairs to industrial electronic equipment.

Increasingly members offer a professional asset management service for their customers. By using condition monitoring techniques on motors, pumps, gearboxes etc. They are able to ensure the correct installation, and plan maintenance schedules taking into account the results of predictive maintenance and preventative maintenance to minimise downtime. This ensures that equipment operates at peak reliability and efficiency. AEMT members are in contact with most companies and their maintenance engineers, and normally provide a 24 hour emergency service, when faced with a critical failure.

The Association also includes the manufacturers and distributors of electric motors, drives, pumps, fans, gearboxes, etc. and the manufacturers and suppliers of the components such as insulation, varnish, wire, and bearings.  Other Associate Members supply the test and repair equipment used during manufacture and overhaul. 

Users of motors and pumps, or companies with hazardous area equipment, are Allied Members of the Association providing a complete pool of knowledge within the membership from the manufacturer, to the repairer, and the end user.

The AEMT provides technical support and training particularly for the Repair and Maintenance of Hazardous Area Equipment. It also helps to promote the industry's apprentice scheme, with very specialist electrical and mechanical engineering training being provided at Loughborough College in the UK.

With over 60% of industry's power being used by electric motors, the Association plays a leading role in ensuring that equipment is repaired and maintained for maximum energy efficiency and care of the environment. Well over 75% of the materials are reused, or recycled when overhauling and refurbishing equipment. This ensures that the best use is made of the world's limited resources of raw materials such as copper, aluminium and steel. The process of refurbishment uses the minimum amount of energy for transportation and the manufacture of spare parts, which helps to protect the environment and often doubles the life of the equipment. AEMT members are able to advise on when equipment should be repaired or replaced, and whether more efficient equipment is available from the manufacturers.

Members play a crucial part in ensuring that power is generated, water is provided, oil is pumped and refined, factories are productive, and boats and trains are able to operate. Any critical failure of a motor, generator, pump etc. can bring any of these processes to a standstill, AEMT members ensure that  all plants run smoothly, and that any breakdown does not become a crisis.


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