AEMT - Association of Electrical and Mechanical Trades

In order to honour the original aims of the AEMT when founded in 1945, the Association has developed the AEMT apprentice scheme and our Ex Training Courses.

AEMT Apprentice Scheme

The association's tailor made electro-mechanical apprenticeship incorporates specific occupational units involving the repair of motors so that the Electro Mechanical Services Industry can be provided with skilled technicians.

AEMT Apprentice Scheme

Ex Training Courses

Proceeding the publication of AEMT's and BEAMA's jointly produced first code of practice for The Repair and Overhaul of Electrical Equipment for us in Potentially Explosive Atmospheres, the association has put together a selection of modules covering the Theory and Practical nature to ATEX and IECEx equipment repair. 

Ex Training Modules

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Ex Training Calendar