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IEC and BS EN 60079 19 Hands-on Repair of Hazardous Area Equipment

The Module 2 Hands-on course familiarises delegates with the forms and procedures used to repair hazardous area and ATEX equipment. It has been designed to ensure that managers, supervisors and technicians, who are involved with the repair of hazardous area equipment fully understand the practicalities of ensuring that equipment is repaired to maintain all the safety aspects embodied in the original design certificate and/or standards.

The course is for delegates, who have attended the first module on Hazardous Area and ATEX Theory. During the AEMT Module 2 course they will gain experience of measuring flame paths, air gaps, and volumes, and be assessed on their practical ability to carry out these tasks at the end of the course. The course is vital for any electrical or mechanical engineers repairing hazardous area equipment in ATEX Zones with most engineers attending Module 1 and Module 2 together.


The course has a balance of seminar and practical elements. All delegates fill in the “AEMT Ex Machine Repair Report Forms” and take measurements of flame paths, volumes, air gaps, with condition reports on a variety of machines. Procedures for Ex “d”, Ex “de”, Ex “e” and Ex “n” are covered and Ex tD. The course syllabus contains:

  1. Health and Safety aspects including “Certificates of Safety” relating to the actual equipment being received.
  2. Best Workshop Practice: including the procedures that should be in place to repair Ex equipment.
  3. Procedures to be used on receipt of the apparatus.
  4. Dismantling: Recording Motor, Pump, apparatus details.  Customer information. Dismantling procedures.

Initial inspection and measurements:

  1. Nameplate Details. Initial Tests. Internal and External visual inspection. Terminal layout and inspection. Rigid flanged joint surfaces. Spigot joint gaps. Flame paths. Drilled holes. Bearings. Axial alignment.

Overhaul and Recovery:

  1. Including welding and metal spraying advice. Tightening of fasteners, and recovery parameters.
  2. Final inspection & Reassembly.


  1. Incorporating Core Tests. Winding Tests. Phase balance Tests.
  2. Insulation resistance tests. Flash Tests.
  3. Final Reporting, Records and Labelling.
  4. Tool, equipment, and standards requirements.


For delegates on the refresher course (R).  There will also be updates on revisions to ATEX, DSEAR, Standards, equipment and procedures that have occurred over the past three years.


There will be a multiple choice assessment on the procedures covered above as well as a practical assessment involving the use of the AEMT repair form to take the necessary records and measurements.


All delegates are assessed throughout the course with multiple choice questions, including diagrams, drawings and photographs. An AEMT certificate is issued to all successful delegates.

Technicians need to attend a Hands-on refresher course every three years to update them on any changes to the standards. They also have a comprehensive re-assessment of their ability and knowledge before issuing an updated certificate, which forms part of their overall competency record.

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Module 2 Course Dates

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March 2019
Thu 7th March - Fri 8th March
Venue: England
Course Level: Mod 2: Hands-on
May 2019
Thu 16th May - Fri 17th May
Venue: England
Course Level: Mod 2: Hands-on